Schmear Campaign

"Buenas is a line of South American-inspired goods to aid all sorts of home cooking."

Recently, I thought long and hard about how to really lean into this company bio and I'm happy to share I've figured it out.*

*This is a lie, I actually took inspiration from something someone told me in passing and put my own spin on it.

Pebre Schmear is a version of something decidedly not Chilean (Schmear) made with something very Chilean (our Pebre). It is great on bagels, crackers, cucumber slices, crackers topped with cheese, shards of cheese (any cheese), crackers you steal from your boyfriend's hands just as he's about to eat them, and even on top of other schmear.

Pebre Schmear is almost as easy to make as it is to eat. This is all to your taste and dependent on how many things you will be smearing with schmear—in a bowl, combine cream cheese, sour cream, Pebre, chives, and paprika. Feel free to leave off the chives, paprika, and even the sour cream if you are strapped for time, don't have that stuff, or just don't like them. All you really need to make this work is the cream cheese and Pebre. I know I just said sour cream is not a make or break ingredient, but I'd like to make a strong case for adding a little—it gives the mix a nice tang. If you're voting yes on sour cream, the ratio = more cream cheese than sour cream (but again, it's all about you and what you really want. READ: bad life advice, good recipe.)

Before mixing, your bowl will look something like this: 


After about a minute of stirring, then spooning gingerly onto a serving platter, sprinkling with chives and dusting with paprika, delicately arranging some crackers next to some Pâté (from Formaggio Kitchen in the South End,) and fanning out some thin cucumber slices just so, your Pebre Schmear will look like this: 

Mmm. Gloopy. 

Mmm. Gloopy. 

Happy to report this tastes great without anything but a spoon placed directly into your mouth. 

Buen Provecho!



Melissa Stefanini